August 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Football, Soccer, Calcio, Futebol, Futbol – the name changes but it is a universal language: ‘The People’s Game.’ Unfortunately, at the moment it is anything but.

This website aims to be the startpoint of a drive to return the game to the people; to make FIFA an organisation with a President and board voted in by the people who play, watch and love the game. Public vote is the greatest system of accountability and fairness known; We can make it work with FIFA.

With enough support we believe we can negotiate with FIFA to realise our objectives, which are:

* To allow football fans to become members of FIFA

* To give these FIFA members the right to vote for future FIFA presidents

* To allow any person to become a FIFA presidential candidate

In this way, football will be given the leadership it deserves, chosen by those who love the game. Our aim is to create a database online of people who love the game enough to register their support and help us to apply pressure on those ‘running’ the game – FIFA – to stop the current ruling system in football and realise our objectives.

What we would love you to do is join our Facebook group, even if Facebook isn’t your thing. We chose this medium because it offers a well known system which is easy to register on and offers a visible platform for monitoring how many people believe in the cause. By joining this group you are helping to take football out of the hands of those who currently control it and to give it back to the people. Help us realise this vision and create a modern, transparent sport to be proud of.

ChangeFIFA was created in June 2010 by Oliver Fowler and is currently a self funded campaign.

Follow this link, join our Facebook group and help us all to make FIFA a democracy…


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  • Tom says:

    FiFa should be disbanded, full stop. That’s the only way to stop corruption.The World Cup should rotate between continents and managed by each confederation. Blatter sits atop a huge pot of money running a cartel. The confederations should set up a rival committee to organise a World Cup. After all without teams FiFa would be a joke. Time to give voice to the people who love football and hate cheats.

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