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The future of the people’s game has to be the people…

This website will hopefully avoid becoming a portal for wild attacks on FIFA. Only with positivity in attack and a friendly, yet hard approach will the ultimate objective be met. Real change at the top of football will only happen if there is an organised and professional approach to challenging the status quo. The current regime and its forthcoming continuation will welcome an angry rabble taking potshots at it. What it will not be able to ignore is a tight controlled unit backed by the force of global opinion.

It is highly probable that around a billion people around the globe love football. Many of them will have no clue how FIFA operate, if they did it is likely they would back this campaign to ‘change FIFA’ and make it a democracy where they could vote on who runs the game. FIFA will not be able to resist the will of the people. Our belief is that it is entirely possible to encourage 1 million people to join the Facebook group. Individually none of us can realistically force change, as a collective will they simply have to listen.

This is not a vanity project. As lovers of the game we want it to be respected, that can only be possible if it is shared by us all, the fans and players of the sport. It is wrong that unelected men dictate how the game should be operated and played. They will point to legal statutes that have been passed over time. It is time these were torn up and the game modernised.

Should enough interest in this campaign develop the plan is to create a team to manage the campaign. At all times the vision will be to take the game to the people. Please keep coming back to this site for news on how the campaign is developing. Forward this onto your friends who also love football, only together in positivity can we force change.


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