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……….George Carlin would have known what to do with FIFA…

Joseph S. Blatter cannot be FIFA President forever. As you ponder which players your team might sign before the window closes, men in dark suits with agendas the size of 100 football pitches laid end-to-end are sneaking into position to take the throne when he leaves in 2013. These men want to conrol the wonder that is sometimes called ‘The People’s Game’. That name is a slap in the face to anyone whose pulses race when their team runs out onto the pitch.

The selection process has nothing to do with you. You have no influence over who pulls the strings from the sport that decides your mood patterns every weekend. This is wrong. Very wrong. It would be bad enough to stomach if the Presidential elections were transparent, but they aren’t. Do you really know what goes on when they make the selection? You don’t, unless you find yourself on the inner circle in Switzerland with a whiskey in your hand and friends in the right places. That papalesque smoke floating out of FIFA HQ isn’t a sign, it’s cigar smoke. And it stinks.

It is time this stopped and football was transformed into a modern, democratic organisation where everyone would be welcome to input their vote. This is not a whimsical, unrealistic pipe dream. A new FIFA is possible, but change will not come from within the organisation. Why would they force change? To paraphrase George Carlin, FIFA forcing change is like fucking for virginity. It is really not hard to blame them for wanting to keep things the way they are, it is entirely human nature.

Those men eyeing the prize want the same. FIFA needs to change, not more of the same. But how? The people who love the game are football’s only hope of meaningful change. A few boos in 2002 were enough to unsettle the President, imagine what the boo of every fan who loves the game would achieve? It would be a deafening roar, one which would blast the system into a million pieces. By standing together and demanding change football can be transformed. If things carry on as they are nothing will change and we will simply be left in the dark forever.



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