Live Debate on the Future of Football

December 10, 2010 § 6 Comments

(Update, see below)

We are working to set up a live debate on the future of world football governance. The plan is to hold this in Barcelona sometime in early 2011 and broadcast it live over the internet and television. FIFA and Blatter will be invited to attend, as will key people in the football industry from players, coaches and managers to politcians, journalists, administrators, agents, sponsors, tea ladies and most importantly – the fans. Ideally we would like to be able to provide fans the opportunity to vote online on propositions put forward. The ability to submit ideas and thoughts will also be hugely important.

The aim of the debate is not to generate lots of hot air that will evaporate, but to define a clear plan for the direction of the governance of world football that is workable, democratic and transparent. Our belief is that rather than fawn to FIFA, politicians must stand up and demand change on behalf their electorate. They need to take an active role in demanding democracy, just as they do so forcefully elsewhere – this is why we believe they must attend. An equal share in The Beautiful Game has to be a right of any lover of the game whose pulse has raced at the thought it, their electorate. That FIFA operates as an unaccountable organisation in 2011 is plain wrong and unfair – this debate will be a major step on the road to ending the failed status-quo.

We are committed to helping to return the game back to the people; we believe an open, high level debate with a purpose is a great place to start real hard nosed visible change.

We will post more information as the plan develops.


We are getting closer to announcing a date and venue. We have also been working hard to find a broadcaster and panelists (including Mr.Blatter). Our main drive is the belief that it is good to talk before making decisions, it is also good to ask fans what they think. One of the things we are also working on is a live voting system so viewers can vote on motions and ideas put forward.

Again, we’ll keep you posted as and when we have news.


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§ 6 Responses to Live Debate on the Future of Football

  • Steve Lawrence says:

    I have two suggestions to contribute:

    A. FIFA should be divided into two parts.
    1. A not-for-profit organisation responsible for governance and development of the game.
    2. A for-profit corporation with competence to contract in respect of the various rights.

    B. We need a United Nations of Football (possibly for Sport generally) with members from national governments and with a mandate for maintaining a framework of checks and balances in respect of FIFA, the Federations and the National Associations.

  • Canolli says:

    Why should the fans have a vote?

    Let the players decide who controls their sport.

  • changeFIFA says:

    Steve, I think they are great points you make. Point B is spot on. We’ve contacted the United Nations to guage their viewpoint. As soon as we get news, we’ll put it up here.

    • Steve Lawrence says:

      It would also be worth writing to the Culture, Sport and Education Directorate of the European Union. The Treaty of Lisbon has granted the EU significant new powers in respect of football. Also Switzerland has a variety of bi-lateral agreements with the EU and will be very sensitive to EU scrutiny.

  • changeFIFA says:

    Canolli, this is a great point. The players are massively important and without them there would be no game. They should have a huge say in the direction their sport goes, but they don’t. Often the people making the decisions have no clue what it means to be a pro player.

    Having said that they would not be there in the same capacity if it were not for the fans. What we would like, at the very least, is for the their opinion to mean something. At the moment it appears as though the most fans can expect is to be either ridiculed, ignored or patronised. This is not good.

    Going back to your point, the players definitely need a voice within FIFA. We’ve contacted the General Secretary of FIFPro and have asked him for his support. As soon as we get his answer, we will let you know.

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