An Open Letter to the FIFA President

December 15, 2010 § 6 Comments

Dear Joseph,

You can still be a hero.

At this moment the future of football lies in your hands – and it has nothing to do with legacy projects in new frontiers. It has everything to do with the people who feel alienated from FIFA. Sadly, that is just about everyone who watches and plays the game.

It is no secret that you would love to end your career with a Nobel Peace Prize. That is quite some aim, but a noble one. Two of the five main parts of the Prize, as stipulated by Alfred Nobel are that the winner must show their best work towards the promotion of fraternity between nations and the holding and promotion of peace congresses. At this moment in time it is fair to say that you are falling way short in those two areas.

FIFA’s convoluted voting processes, backroom deals and secrecy hardly allow for fraternity between nations. In terms of holding peace congresses your recent press conference and answers you gave to reasonable questions about homosexual fans and players travelling to Qatar fell way short of promoting peace. Many people were deeply offended and angry about those comments, whilst there is barely a football fan with any passing interest in the game who isn’t suspicious about the machinations of FIFA decision making, transparency and motives.

It does not have to be like this. If you were to call for a complete restructuring of FIFA which led to a democratic, transparent and fair FIFA – one which valued and respected those who make it the wonder that it is – your Nobel Prize would be nailed on. If you were to radically modernise the Presidential voting process and allow fresh ideas to enter the FIFA system you would be a hero to those who have grown disillusioned and depressed at the state of the game. We are talking hundreds of millions of people.

Think about it on a personal level. Does being deeply unpopular feel good? Imagine how it would feel to be the hero of the game as opposed to quite possibly the least popular person in its history. The choice is yours, openly and vigorously modernise FIFA and the positive effect would be your lifetime legacy, a legacy to be extremely proud of.

You can still be a hero.


Good luck,




§ 6 Responses to An Open Letter to the FIFA President

  • Bren says:

    Not holding my breathe. Very good letter that I hope he at least reads. Sadly this will probably not get anywhere near him as it is not from a President, Prime Minister or Queen; insert your own joke here if you wish; and he only wants praise not contradiction.

    Good luck with your noble aims, I am with you all the way.

  • Madrid Reds says:

    Excellent letter, I hope it is brought to his attention. Asking a leopard to change its spots is ambitious, but a start has to be made somewhere. Keep up the good work.


  • Heidi Bergemann says:

    A great letter and one which I sincerely hope he takes to heart. Always hard to change any institution once it has developed corrupt patterns – those in charge have a vested interest in keeping the status quo going and they are the ones who have to vote to make the change – a vicious circle. However, there are individuals in history who have stood against such things and with support from the public, over time, change must happen. Public support for this mission is imperative – and if only the Football Clubs themselves would apply pressure too – then we will see change!

  • Gav says:

    Great idea and superb to see the public backing you’re getting for this. Not sure if you have noted the Newsweek editor tweeting about Qatari pay-offs this week…

    Anyway, UK parliament should be interested in this. Someone, somewhere should be, especially when you get David Cameron quoting in PMQ’s this week that he “doesn’t want to get involved in football politics.” Tried your local MP? Mine is a certain Mr Jeremy Hunt…

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