FIFPro and the Destiny of Football

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

FIFPro, in case you didn’t know (and a lot of people don’t) is the Fédération Internationale des Associations de Footballeurs Professionnels. They are effectively the international voice of the players. Around 42 countries have signed up since its formation in 1965. 50,000 players are represented. Their President changes regularly, currently Gordon Taylor OBE of the English PFA is in the hotseat. He is backed up by General Secretary Theo Van Seggelen of Holland.

Our view is that FIFPro can decide on the destiny of football.

Players are the game, without them there would not be a game and no FIFA. Sadly players appear to be undervalued by FIFA.

Platini and Beckenbauer sit on their Executive Committee yet it is highly debatable that they take their seats to champion the rights of players. The remaining 20 are even less likely to be thinking of players when they cast their votes. Why does Jack Warner decide on pivotal questions for the game, yet Theo Van Seggelen does not? This is a ridiculous situation.

We believe that FIFPro should hold a referendum on the big question in football, they should ask their players for their collective standpoint. A confidence vote on FIFA.

Q: Do you have confidence in FIFA to govern world football?

A no vote would be impossible for FIFA to ignore. FIFPro have the ability to go to their players with this question. They annually invite their members to choose their player of the year with success, therefore asking them this question should, in theory, be equally as achievable.

Theo Van Seggelen is a man who genuinely cares about players, he is energetic and enthusiastic when discussing them. His position as FIFPro General Secretary puts him in a unique position, he can legitimately ask all pro-players for their opinion – something FIFA seemingly does not want to do, or can not do.

Theo, please, go to your players – ask them, are they happy? Do they want their game to be run the way it is? They must be made aware that world governance of football can be changed, it can be democratic and transparent, open and fair. It does not have to ruled like an ancient monarchy or a private club. A change in football does not have to be a dream, it can be reality if everyone shares the dream. The players are in the best position to make change happen if they are listened to. FIFPro, the destiny of football is in your hands…


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