Messi, Legend?

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

John Lennon once said “Music is everybody’s possession, it’s only publishers who think people own it” He’d probably say the same about football and substitute publishers for FIFA, if he were alive today. What made him great were his tunes, what made him legendary was his spirit. He wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed to be right.

Lionel Messi is great, there is no doubt about that, but he could be a legend – all he needs to do is channel Lennon’s spirit. The FIFA player awards in early 2011 would be a great place to start. Imagine if he stood up and refused to accept his inevitable award and instead called for the game to be given back to those who make it the wonder that it is? He could tell Blatter that he didn’t want the award and instead wanted a FIFA that respected players and fans, free speech and open debate on the future of the game. With that Messi could alter the course of the game forever. There would hardly be a lover of the game who wouldn’t cheer him on and stand by him.

Messi is, of course, different to Lennon. He is shy and is hardly a compelling orator. It is unlikely that he would take the risk despite being the most famous player on earth. That does not mean that he couldn’t stand up and speak for the game. It would take some nerve on his part, but then again, this is the man who regularly humiliates the best defenders on earth in front of millions.

He wouldn’t need to humiliate anyone who loves the game, even the suits in the crowd who would shuffle uncomfortably in their plush seats. He would only tell the truth – football needs to change. How could FIFA possibly deny him? There is a very good chance that they would try, but it would be too late. His speech would be news in every corner of the world. Messi would go from being great to being a legend. He would spark a course of change that would change the game for the better.

Lennon might tell him “there is nothing you can do that can’t be done…”



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