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January 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

What is the main aim of changeFIFA? 

To make the world governing body of football transparent, democratic and accountable; that could be a revamped FIFA or a new, breakaway organisation.

Our aim is not to campaign against the countries of Russia or Qatar.

What kind of campaign is changeFIFA?

It is definitely a campaign that was born on the internet, the best way to mobilise the mood of the world into action. It is a campaign for everyone, from the fan to the superstar player to anyone who feels a positive connection to the game. We would like to believe that a thorough modernisation of FIFA would come voluntarily from the very top, but that is highly unlikely and is why changeFIFA exists. The campaign is a positive, peaceful campaign and recognises that a great many good and honest people work for FIFA, we, like them, want the very best for the game.

Any news news on the proposed debate on world football governance?

We are currently talking to broadcasters, venues and possible participants. We are pitching it as a summit for football. So far we have received a remarkably positive response. We would like the result of the debate to be a clear and achievable plan defined for the governance of world football that everyone could get behind.  We are working on the logistics for this right now. The plan is to throw ideas onto the table and arrive at a concensus. Our view is that everyone who has a vested interest in the game should witness it, either in person, via TV or online, from players and officials to journalists and fans. Ideally we would like those watching to be able to vote on motions put forward. We would like the football world as a whole to decide on how the sport should be operated.

How can those interested support changeFIFA?

We have a facebook page and a twitter account. We want people to sign up to those for two reasons. Firstly to keep up to date with what we are working on and also to provide a force of numbers, a collective voice that can not be ignored. If you believe that football governance must modernise in a positive and fair way then please follow us on Twitter here @changeFIFA

What potential problems are there for changeFIFA?

Fear. Many key people in the game are afraid to speak out. We are urging them to make their feelings known and to talk openly about their visions for how the game should be run. Those who shape and who shaped it should be listened to without compromise or prejudice. The reality is that many people feel alienated from how the game is run. If they find the courage to talk openly then the other great problem of resistance to change will break down extremely quickly.

What are you currently working on?

The live debate. We want to get this hosted before the Presidential elections. It is a huge undertaking, but we are driven by a burning desire to change football for the better so we are confident it will happen.

Who funds changeFIFA?

No one. We are entirely self-funded, although those funds are very bare-bones funds. Again, our burning desire to change football for the better keeps us going on and we believe that the end result will justify the hard journey.

Can FIFA really ever change?

Yes. With a concerted effort from all those who love the game we can collectively change football for the better. The current FIFA situation isn’t set in stone and they do not own the game, we all share it. With that in mind we believe that change will happen, it’s a question of when – we are working on that…


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  • tony murphy says:

    COuld someone answer this question? It seems to me that the European clubs (ECA) have all the power, yet get continually get jerked around by FIFA, with the proposal to hold the disastrous QATAR WC during the winter. This will cause havoc with club schedules. Why can’t these clubs just ‘secede’? Why doesn’t EUFA secede, or threaten to? Without Europe there’s no WC, yet the Europeans keep getting crapped on by FIFA.

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