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ChangeFIFA Calls On FIFA And Its’ Members To Live By Their Own Credo Of “Fair Play” And Give Legendary Football Player, Elias Figueroa, The Opportunity To Run For FIFA President

Washington, D.C., U.S.A. – Tuesday, March 29, 2011 – ChangeFIFA has asked football legend, Elias Figueroa, 64, to run for President of FIFA and now calls on FIFA and its’ Members to live by their own self-professed credo of “Fair Play” and allow Mr. Figueroa to run for President.

According to FIFA’s own Fair Play Code, opponents are a necessary part of every competition and should be given the same rights and respected.  It states: “Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly…Fair play always has its reward, even when the game is lost. Playing fair earns respect, while cheating only brings shame…Without opponents there can be no game. Everyone has the same rights, including the right to be respected.”

ChangeFIFA calls on all FIFA Members, in the name of Fair Play, to nominate Mr. Figueroa and all other declared FIFA Presidential candidates before the March 31 deadline so that every member of the football family with a positive future vision has a fair chance to offer it before the football community.

“Mr. Figueroa is one of the greatest defenders of all time who: played in three World Cups; was South American Footballer of the Year in 1974, 1975 and 1976; and in each Chile, Uruguay and Brazil was twice player of the year.  As a result, no one can possibly doubt his passion or love for the game.  Being a man of the highest integrity with near matchless football credentials, and possessing positive ideas to reform the game and its’ governance, how can anyone at FIFA suggest that Mr. Figueroa does not have a right to run for President and put forward a positive agenda for change,” asked Mr. Oliver Fowler, Founder and Co-Director of ChangeFIFA.

“If FIFA denies one of its’ very own legendary players the right to stand for President, it will only prove to show that FIFA has become an exclusive and undemocratic club of an elite few who will stop at nothing to prevent their loss of privilege and power.  With all my heart, I hope that is not that case,” said David Larkin, Esq., Co-Director of ChangeFIFA.

ChangeFIFA was founded several months before the recent World Cup bid decisions by Englishman Mr. Oliver Fowler and is co-directed by American and Washington, D.C. attorney Mr. David Larkin, Esq. for the sole and exclusive purpose of reforming FIFA and restoring integrity, accountability and transparency to a worldwide organization that they sadly believe no longer serves the best interests of football, its associations, leagues, players or billions of fans.

Fans should regularly check ChangeFIFA’s website for updates, articles, grass roots action plans and to contribute to the campaign should Mr. Figueroa announce his candidacy:

The Change FIFA Pledges are:

1.            Democratic Decision-Making

Because the worldwide game of football belongs to all of the citizens of the world, every member of the world of football has a right to vote on decisions affecting the international game.  (e.g. utilization of goal-line technology, etc.)

2.            Open + Public Governance

Because every decision made regarding international football has an effect on every worldwide football association, participant and supporter, and many governments, the football citizens of the world deserve to know exactly what, how and why decisions are made.  To promote public confidence in all decision-making, especially when members’ interests are diverse, each and every meeting, decision and action taken regarding international football must be open to the public.  Moreover, the actions of all officials entrusted to act on behalf of international football must be open to public inspection.  (e.g. meetings open to the public and press, public votes, disclosure of all international travel and meetings, soliciting and permitting public comment, publication of meeting minutes and transcripts, etc.).

3.            Shared Governance

As a worldwide endeavor, the mantle of leadership of the game must regularly pass to all geographical corners of the world, never lingering in any one place for too long, to ensure that the interests of all football citizens of the world are represented.  (e.g. leadership term limits, etc.)

4.            Transparent Finances

The money contributed by the football supporters and associations of the world ensures the financial well-being of the worldwide game.  As such, all of the football supporters of the world deserve to know where that money goes and how it is spent.  Thus, all the finances of international football must be open to public inspection and of detailed public account (i.e. every dollar, euro, pound, real, peso, riyal, rupee, rand, yuan, and yen).  Moreover, because the officers of international football hold a special place of privilege and trust in the world of football, and as a result should expect to be the subject of public scrutiny that might be viewed as burdensome if applied to others, all of their compensation (e.g. income, expenses, salaries, costs, reimbursements) must be made of public record and their personal finances subject to independent audit.

5.            Highest Ethic Standards:  Avoiding Even The Appearance of Professional or Personal Impropriety

Being an impartial referee of competing interests, both in the conduct and administration of the game, is a critical role in international football governance.  Public confidence in that governance is eroded by improper conduct and conduct that creates even the appearance of impropriety.  That applies to the conduct of any governing body and both the professional and personal conduct of its officials.  As such, those who govern international football should have the highest ethical standards and positively act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity, and impartiality of international football governance, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.  Unquestionable impartiality and integrity must be the hallmarks of international football.


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§ 5 Responses to THE MOMENT OF TRUTH

  • Rob Clinite says:

    Mr. Blatter needs to step aside. FIFA needs a new set of eyes, new blood, and a new voice to bring global harmony to the beautiful game.

  • ben says:

    I rank FIFA alongside the IOC, NCAA, and BCS as the most corrupt sporting organizations. Nothing will change as long as they have control of the money in my opinion.

  • beshkno says:

    Nominate Mr. Grant Wahl!

  • Francisco Toro says:

    FIFA is like an mafia – a for-profit organization. Change will come when activists make the FIFA brand so toxic that not changing just costs too much money.

    Right now, we’re ignorable. It’s safe to not pay attention to us.

    We change that with Cyberactivism, and with real pressure on the stands.

    Football needs its own Tahrir Square.

  • Brett Horting says:

    we need more public opinion and support!

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