ASIA – Choose Your Next AFC Presidential Candidate

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

There is a constant theme in World Football leadership: take the money, hide what goes on and hold on to power for as long as possible, at all costs. This is wrong. Football belongs to us all, yet we are neglected and ignored by the many self-serving ‘caretakers’ of the game. Who do these people think they are? We all know who they are, they are the people who have overseen the greatest series of scandals in the history of sport.

We are ‘changeFIFA’ and we think it time for this to change. The time for transparency, accountability, shared leadership and democracy in World Football has come.

In the coming months the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) may seek a new President should Mohammed bin Hammam be found guilty of breaking FIFA financial regulations (see below link). The time is now for a NEW ERA in world football leadership.

We are asking you, football fans of Asia, to tell us who you would nominate to stand as the next reformist AFC President. When we have a clear choice, we will work to get your candidate nominated for the election once the position becomes vacant. The candidate will represent the people of Asia, genuine transparent governance and a future for the game not built on self-interest that we can all trust, respect and believe in.

We are waiting to hear your ideas on Twitter at @changeFIFA. It is time to take our game back. The revolution begins now.

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