ChangeFIFA Complaint to FIFA Ethics Committee Lodged

August 29, 2011 § Leave a comment


ChangeFIFA have today formally lodged the below complaint with FIFA. Click here for the original PDF:

DATE: August 29, 2011

TO: FIFA Ethics Committee

c/o Mr. Jérôme Valcke, General Secretary

Fédération Internationale de Football Association, Zurich, Switzerland


RE: Official Complaint Calling Upon The Ethics Committee To Launch An Immediate Investigation Of Mr. Chuck Blazer

Mr. Valcke:

With troubling, unresolved questions hanging over yet another FIFA leader, ChangeFIFA calls upon the FIFA Ethics Committee to immediately launch an investigation and answer serious questions regarding Executive Committee Member Mr. Chuck Blazer.

The precedent of hiring an independent investigator to fully pursue allegations of impropriety in football leadership was recently set in the Caribbean regarding Mr. Warner, Mr. Bin Hammam and various members of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).  Subsequently, a number of very troubling documents and questions have surfaced in relation to Mr. Blazer, also involving money and the CFU, which merit equal treatment.

Specifically, the following questions must be addressed and answered forthwith:

1. Can FIFA explain to football’s true stakeholders, the fans and players, why Mr. Blazer allegedly received funds from a football source that he may not have been entitled to, i.e. the Caribbean Football Union?

2. Can FIFA state their position on Mr. Blazer allegedly being paid through offshore accounts?

3. If Mr. Blazer has football related offshore accounts, were those assets reported to the IRS?  If not, what action will be taken by FIFA?

4. Can FIFA please explain their interest in allegedly holding the registration number of a privately owned Mercedes, i.e. ZH 627187, at their Zurich offices?  If so, can FIFA allay public concerns that they were attempting to conceal this asset from the IRS?

5. Please explain FIFA football financial priorities when Bahamian players lifelong dreams of playing in World Cup qualification matches were recently ended and deemed “cost prohibitive,” while at the same time Mr. Blazer, as Treasurer of the region where the Bahamas resides, has allegedly been paid $9.6 million over the last five years via a secret 10% bonus commission on CONCACAF marketing and TV rights.

With the integrity of a senior FIFA leader called into question, and supported by relevant and material documentation, the FIFA Ethics Committee must immediately launch an independent investigation of the facts.  Failure to do so, especially when FIFA have launched such investigations of FIFA leaders and officials in the Caribbean involving similar facts, can only be interpreted as alarmingly uneven justice or, worse, a conspiracy of silence when it comes to impropriety and allies of FIFAs entrenched leadership.

Whether or not the Federal Bureau of Investigation is examining these matters is wholly irrelevant.  FIFA is tasked with ensuring the integrity of football and its’ leadership across the world.  That duty exists and is wholly independent of law enforcement action or inaction.

For the benefit of the sport and fans alike, the FIFA era of uneven justice, endless delays, willful ignorance and forever unresolved questions must end.  With great fanfare, Mr. Blatter has announced a new era of zero tolerance of corruption at FIFA, “zero tolerance for everybody, on the pitch and off it…not only for my neighbour, my friends, my colleagues, my opponents, referees, but also for presidents of associations.”  With respect to the new and troubling questions now surrounding Mr. Blazer, it is either a new era at FIFA or it is not.

I must caution you that the world of football will no longer tolerate excuses from FIFA or anything other than the full facts.  We await your swift response.

Most sincerely,

David W. Larkin

Co-Director & General Counsel at ChangeFIFA

Attorney-at-Law in New York, D.C. and Colorado (U.S.A.)


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