Our Tactics

We think fans of the game should choose who runs it…

Football, Soccer, Calcio, Futebol, Futbol – the name changes but it is a universal language: ‘The People’s Game.’ Unfortunately, at the moment it is anything but.

This website aims to be the startpoint of a drive to return the game to the people; to make FIFA an organisation with a President and board voted in by the people who play, watch and love the game. Public vote is the greatest system of accountability and fairness known; it works at great clubs like FC Barcelona as well as it does in political systems. We can make it work with FIFA too.

With enough support we believe we can negotiate with FIFA to realise our objectives, which are:

* To allow football fans to become members of FIFA

* To give these FIFA members the right to vote for future FIFA presidents

* To allow any person to become a FIFA presidential candidate

In this way, football will be given the leadership it deserves, chosen by those who love the game. Our aim is to create a database online of people who love the game enough to register their support and help us to apply pressure on those ‘running’ the game – FIFA – to stop the current ruling system in football and realise our objectives.

What we would love you to do is join our Facebook group, even if Facebook isn’t your thing. We chose this medium because it offers a well known system which is easy to register on and offers a visible platform for monitoring how many people believe in the cause. By joining this group you are helping to take football out of the hands of those who currently control it and to give it back to the people. Help us realise this vision and create a modern, transparent sport to be proud of.

Follow this link, join our Facebook group and help us all to make FIFA a democracy…

Change FIFA is written by a lover of the sport, based in Barcelona who is keen that this campaign is about the people. The plan is to gather 1 million people together and then to form a team to approach FIFA and force democratic, transparent change. This campaign isn’t a vanity project, so I will avoid slapping my name and photo all over the place. What I will do is push for change. At the time of writing there are 158 members of the group, this is very much the start of something special. Your support will be gratefully received and valued.


§ 6 Responses to Our Tactics

  • Heidi Bergemann says:

    Saw the Panorama program last evening – made me feel very angry at those elites who are controlling FIFA and all the money. How do these people get so powerful? If only the Clubs themselves would boycott the World Cup to show their disapproval of this corruption – know that’s hard to organise but it should happen. Surely banding together, the Clubs themselves could take the power away from these guys … after all no players, no matches, no money, no FIFA! Anyway – well done for setting up this site and I hope enough people sign up to make a difference.

  • Soulbruthas says:

    Dear Change FIFA,

    Heard about your recent involvement with the fiasco which is developing at FIFA. Thought you might enjoy this compilation video and new song by Soulbruthas.

    The central tenet is that it is unconscionable that those at the top of world football should wield so much power and yet be actively involved or apparently acquiescent in corruption. The imposition of Financial Fair Play is an opportunity for football clubs, fans and commentators (and indeed sponsors) to unite against Corruption and to promote a more transparent, democratic organisation of the game.

    Hopefully you will agree with its sentiment and might pass it on to your readership. If we can help to collaborate in any way in the future please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • michael clark says:

    i have been posting remarks on the guardian website about the recent fifa circus and in particular about the attitude of sepp blatter towards transparency and reform.

    in a nutshell i am as concerned about the broader fifa agenda as i am about the issue of corruption within the organisation. i think that all of us who are interested in football as a sport and as a worldwide phenomenon will see that fifa have been serving the interests of the few whilst ignoring the needs of the many. how can it be that the world game generates so much wealth while access to basic facilities even in developed countries is so severely limited? nothing else but re-structuring and redistribution of revenue where it is needed will do.

    i think that lobbying is fine and twitter and facebook have their uses. nevertheless i think that the continuous collation of a global fan’s petition will be a rolling catalyst for change. the only problem i have is making the sure that the salient points that fans are asked to sign up for are globally relevant.

    i think that damien collin’s five points are a good start but perhaps a little prosaic for the purposes of petition. i also think that blatter may try to ride the storm and affect compromise whilst trying to maintain the status quo within fifa. in that case, such a petition could simply call for his removal and a commitment to reform to include a new constitution (based on collins’ five point plan) and, importantly, a revised mission statement that emphasises youth development and visible distribution of increased funding to grassroots levels. it would not matter to me if the money came from SKY sports, coca-cola or fernando torres’ back pocket. but until happen it must for football is becoming one of those parasitic industries that makes sure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Derek Harris says:

    It is URGENT. A change of President is needed to get a start on the changes needed. Only the 208 countries can stop Blatter being re-appointed. Each Country Football Association should play their part today.
    Blatter joined FIFA in 1975 when there were 138 countries and only 12 staff in a villa. Today there are 208 countries but with 361 staff housed in a “money no problem” corporate headquarters in a very expensive country. (The staff increased by 15% in 2009 in a period of world wide constraint)
    From the 2009 Financial Report (the numbers are large!):-
    Average wages and salaries for each employee was $175,000
    Revenue $1,000,000,000
    Equity $1,016,000,000 (has grown from $76m in 2003 which means FIFA have held on to $940,000,000 after paying themselves high salaries, generous travel and hospitality expenses, private jet, and providing for high pensions.
    Members of the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee and the FIFA management received short-term employee benefits of $20,900,000
    As an example of “feathering their nest” the Executive Committee voted an annual pension payment to be made to all long-serving FIFA Executive Committee members retiring from 2005 onwards. Only the FIFA Executive Committee members may benefit from this scheme, but only if they have served 8 years or more. The fund stands at $12,327,000 for this long serving sub group.
    $32,403,000 was spent on travel and accommodation in connection with Committee Meetings and Congress.
    “Divided we conquer” – 60 more countries (members) have been added since 1975 bring the total to 208. As only the country can nominate, and as the majority of the countries depend on FIFA for funding they do not want to “rock the boat” by showing “disrespect” by even suggesting there should be change.
    USD 1 million is granted to each member association and USD 10 million to each confederation during the four-year cycle. Goal offers funding for tailor-made projects to meet the individual needs of the member associations up to $400,000 per project. The total approved budget for the Win in Africa with Africa initiative is USD 70 million. The Special Projects Bureau approved a total amount of USD 23 million for Conferation projects.
    Bribery and Corruption. Six officials, including two members of the Executive Committee were suspended and fined by the FIFA Ethics Committee November 2010 after a UK Sunday Times article 17 October 2010 “World Cup votes for sale”.
    All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The power held by the President is unacceptable for a “charitable” “not for profit” organisation. Review of its statutes show inadequate checks and balances to avoid abuse of power. The Swiss Government should pass legislation to deal with this.

  • Christopher Hudson says:

    I am in complete agreement with everything written on this site concerning FIFA, but also accept that “resistance is useless”. Blatter knows that he has the national FAs eating out of his hand because none of them dare resign – for the simple reason that they would not be allowed to play in Brazil in 2014 (or any WC therafter). So long as FIFA have this power then it is quite simply a case of which mouse is ever gonna dare to put a bell on the cat? The English FA ought to show leadership and call Blatter’s buff, but they won’t. Neither will any other FA – despite all your populist declarations. I love football like the next man, but I have finally come to the realisation that there is no other solution to this scandal than to boycott the game and its sponsors. Ultimately, that’s the ONLY thing that will ever change FIFA in any way. If we had moral leadership from the FA and from politicians then maybe it would be a different story. As it is, Blatter is destined to paper over the cracks – no doubt chuckling away with his cronies over the complete lack of courage displayed from any of his opponents.

  • Tom says:

    Now that Fifa re-elected Blatter the only thing we can do is reject the organisation altogether.Time the men in the street who attend matches and follow the game on TV take the game back from corrupt despots. Each of us should lobby our national federations to push the regionl confederations to break away. Another way is to warn sponsors such as Coke that we won’t buy their products if they support Fifa.

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